Short blog posts with my thoughts on programming, dadding, and what-ifs, collected in chronological order.

Battery Project Log 1 - Starting the project

I started building an app that helps me track my battery usage. I want to know how much battery I have left, and how long it will last.

Android Unit Testing - Refresher

I started Phillip Lackner's course in testing Android. The first sections is a refresher on unit testing in Android. Here are my notes

Jetpack Compose Basics Code Lab

Today I started the Jetpack Compose Basics Code Lab. I could practice the basics of Jetpack Compose and how to build a simple UI.

Jetpack Compose Tutorial: Lesson 4

Today, I did the third lesson of the Jetpack Compose tutorial. I learned how to add Material Design to my composables. This included adding a theme and setting its colors, typography and shapes.

Jetpack Compose Tutorial: Lesson 3

Today, I did the third lesson of the Jetpack Compose tutorial. I learned how to create UIs for lists and simple animations

Jetpack Compose Tutorial: Lesson 2

Today, I did the second lesson of the Jetpack Compose tutorial. Here's a recount of what I learned and how I applied it to some real-world challenges to extend myself.

Jetpack Compose Tutorial: Lesson 1

Unlock the magic of Jetpack Compose with my personal journey through the Google essentials course. Dive into the transformative world of composable functions, see how Android Studio seamlessly integrates with it, and discover how to craft and preview custom UI effortlessly. Packed with hands-on exercises and visual insights, this blog post will ignite your curiosity and propel your Android development journey forward. Don't just read about Compose; experience it with me!

Why I'm Learning Jetpack Compose for My Android Career

Embarking on the Future of Android UI: My Journey with Jetpack Compose! Dive into the reasons behind my deep dive into this game-changing UI toolkit, and discover the strategic steps I'm taking to master it. Whether you're an Android enthusiast or just tech-curious, join me as I chart a course through the evolving landscape of Android development.

Introduction to Cryptography

My learnings and notes while reading through 'Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python' by Al Sweigart

Coroutines: Builders

Suspending functions need to run within a coroutine. Builders are a way to easily create and run coroutines.

Coroutines: Suspending Functions

Suspending functions in Kotlin are designed so that threads can be lightweight. This means making it less resource intensive to switch them in and out. See how they did it in this blog post.

My study on Coroutines

Here is an overview and directory for my notes on how coroutines work.

Flow Easily: MVP launched

🐕 Dogfooding: I tested Flow Easily by giving Twitter's Help pages a major uplift

Flow Easily: Conception

What if creating screeshots flow diagrams could be easy?