Flow Easily: MVP launched

Twitter's help instructions only uses text. There are inline icons but you still need to find it on your phone.

Flow Easily is all about making screen flows more accessible. Why not try and revamp these instructions with some screenshots?

So I did! Here's the result: https://www.floweasily.com/examples/twitter-support

I upgraded the experience of Twitter's "HowTo" pages just by adding some simple screen flows.

It was a real fun activity. I recorded a quick behind the scenes vid to show my process: https://youtu.be/3JvM0Gzqub4


  • Pairing up text with visuals really helps you understand the flow being described.
  • White backgrounds look too vanilla.
  • Added generated background to match Twitter branding.
  • Clicking lots when adding titles disrupts my flow
  • Pressing enter now saves and navigates directly to edit the next element.

Philosophical point:

The more I use FlowEasily for various flowcharts for myself, the more value it will have created. Value creation doesn't need to start after the threshold of finding first users. It can start with ME. Mindblown!