Flow Easily: Try avoiding wasting your time on "Pretty"

Don't waste your time on "Pretty"

There is a tendency to choose form over function. People love and expect "pretty" websites.

Spent the last few days working out CSS, SASS, Tailwind, Bootstrap. Even though I have significantly improved my web development skills from getting exposed to these technologies, I am still no closer to the finish line.

Web development is not my forte so I spent money on a template to help me along. It looked really nice but was using React 16. I kept it going, building a nice graphical interface to drag and drop files and modify labels.

However, there came a point where integration with a drawing library was incompatible with what I bought.

Lots of hours converting React 16 to 17. And even then it didn't work.

Screw it. Start again and make sure I get to a product. Now using React 18 and Bootstrap.

It might look "default", but it's better than fluffing around and sinking time into unnecessary design.

I figured, the sooner I can get it working, the sooner I can get feedback from potential users.